Using the Ab Roller for Six Pack Abs

Flat Stomach Using the Ab Roller
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Lack of strong ab muscles can be a factor for back injuries. The abdominal roller will help reduce the pain and discomfort of doing certain stomach exercises on the floor such as crunches. The alternative to doing it this way is ab exercise equipment.

Unlike doing crunches, exercises with an ab roller should cause less pain due to features like the headrest and elbow pads that help support your weight making it simple.

Get Familiar

Before you get started you need make sure you know to use it properly and what you are trying to achieve from it. The ab rocker is merely a piece of exercise equipment that is meant to help you keep good form while performing ab workouts. The frame is curved with pads for the head and elbows. Your hands will be place on the bar.

There are some models that use a wheel design. You use this type by holding the bars on either side of the wheel with both hands while on your knees.

You will then extend your upper body outward by allowing the wheel to stretch your body in a plank position. When you push yourself off the floor you will contract your stomach muscles until you are in the starting position again. This would count as one repetition of the exercise.

Proper Use

To be sure you get the results you are looking for, it is important to use all workout equipment correctly. When exercising on an ab roller with head and elbow pads, make sure your head is relaxed by resting it on the headrest and that your hands only loosely grip the bar.

In order to get the most out of the wheel and handle model ab rollers make sure you are using it correctly as well. Don’t use your hands to push but instead use your stomach muscles.

If the equipment slides on the floor then you are not doing it correctly. For curl exercises on the abroller that features pads, contract your abs and make your shoulders come off the floor a little. After counting a few seconds you can lower them back down.

Always Use Safety

It’s important to use this equipment safely because like any other gym equipment, the ab roller can lead to injuries. Start off slowly and listen to what you body is telling you.

Don’t try and over do it. Proper breathing is essential, as you curl up on the ab wheel, exhale, but as you lower your body back down, be sure to inhale.

Be aware that the ab roller will allow you to perform abdominal crunches much easier on any level.

This device can be used in other ways also to benefit from a total body workout. If you need more resistance then you can add weight to achieve this.

One of the major benefits of the ab roller is that it will help support your head, neck, and upper body. You will be able to do all your workouts at home without worrying about going to the gym. The ab roller pro will work your core and can then be flipped over for a full body workout.

Using the Ab Roller

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Helpful Tip: Try to go as low as you can without letting your body touch the ground.

Make sure that during this part of the exercise you are breathing in. Pause for a second in the stretched out position then start to pull yourself back to the starting position at which time you will exhale.

Tip: Keep your abs tight at all times by going as slow as you can. Warning: If you have lower back problems or hernias it is not a good idea to perform this exercise because it can cause straining.

Various Uses: Once you develop some strength in your abs you can mix it up by rolling the machine off center to the left and right of you. You will give your inner and outer oblique muscles a workout by doing this.