Triple A’s of Nature’s Medicine: Incredible Plants With Healing Properties

Foods That HealHonestly there are so many Anti-medicines. For instance, Antiseptic and Anti-emetic medications could also make the list. I picked the three that I find to be crucially important to know and keep around. I personally prefer to use nature’s medicine rather than man-made medicine.

Nature’s Medicine: Antiviral ~ Antibacterial~ Antibiotic

1. Antiviral:

Antiviral properties are effective against viruses. There are plants that will destroy viruses and others that stop them from spreading.

2. Antibacterial:

Plants that contain antibacterial properties stop the growth of bad bacteria that causes illness and disease.

3. Antibiotic:

Antibiotics are responsible for killing bacteria, certain parasites, and fungi. They inhibit the growth and destroys microorganisms. Antiseptics are similar to antiviral and antibacterial properties in the sense that they slow the growth of bacteria and causes it to become weaker.

When you’re in a survival situation it’s very important to know what you can use when there are no prescription medications available. These three Triple A’s make it onto my top three list because they are important when it comes to life or death.

If you are in the woods fighting an infection of some sort it’s important to know what you can do to help yourself. Even if your not in a survival situation and just want to heal yourself the old way these natural medicines I’m about to share with you are pretty easy to come by.

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