Top Nursing Schools in California

There are numerous nursing schools in California to choose from but since there are so many how do you know which one to pick. California like many other states in America faces a serious shortage of qualified nurses.

In the past few years the state of California has taken a proactive approach to reducing the shortage of nurses by increasing the RN education programs and effectively increased the number of new graduates coming out of nursing schools in California.

The good news for nursing students in California is that your options for a degree is a lot more flexible than in past years.

Nursing Schools in California Scholarship Programs

Here's a list of nursing schools that offer great nursing programs in California.

  • State Nursing Assumption Program Faculty Nurses– You have the opportunity to earn up to $25,000 in loan repayment money if you earn your BSN or MSN in Nursing and willing to commit to three years of teaching in accredited nursing schools in California.
  • State Nursing Assumption Program State Facilities – Earn up to $20,000 in loan repayment money if you’re a RN or will soon be a RN and willing to do full time work in a 24 hour state health care facility that suffer from a consistently low RN rate.
  • Health Professions Education Foundation – Nursing students enrolled in a practical nurse, BSN, nurse practitioner, nurse midwife, or psychiatric nurse practitioner program may be eligible for loan repayment if willing to work in a medically under served facility following graduation.

California Nursing Board of Education

The California Board of Registered Nursing provides a ton of information regarding the following:

  • Nurse recruits
  • California financial aid strategies for student nurses
  • RN and LPN Licensing and renewal
  • BRN approved RN schools
  • Current nursing regulations in CA
  • and lots more

California Nursing Associations

There are a number of popular nursing associations within the state of California that actively maintain chapters or branches that you can use for professional support and networking. A small list of California nursing associations is listed below:

  • California Nurses Association
  • California Nursing Students’ Association
  • Association of California Nurse Leaders
  • California Nurse Midwives Association
  • California Association of Nurse Anesthetists

Choosing nursing schools in California is not hard at all since there are over 230 nursing schools in California to choose from. Prospective nurses have many opportunities to pursue a nursing degree and begin a nursing career.

Students that attend nursing schools in California also have a choice in the learning environment they wish to study in. You will discover that nursing schools in California range anywhere from small private colleges to large state universities.

Here's a list of great nursing schools in the state of California that have good nursing degree programs.

List of Nursing Schools in California