The Top Nursing Schools in The U.S.

If you’re searching for a nursing school you are probably wondering what the top nursing schools are. Nursing is one of the few careers that have withstood the test of time and nurses will always be in high demand. Finding the top nursing schools is essential for your path to success as a professional nurse. Before we get into the list of top nursing schools we are going to go over the criteria that make a good nursing school.

Criteria for Top Nursing Schools

Accreditation – You are going to get the best training from nursing schools that are accredited by NLNAC or CCNE. Be very careful of nursing schools that don’t offer any certificates of accreditation.

Results – The next thing that should be considered to be labeled as one of the top nursing schools are results. What is the success rate of past graduates who took the NCLEX?

Most of the top nursing schools in the U.S. have a pretty impressive pass rate on the final nursing exam. You may also want to look at how successful a school is at job placement after graduation.

Here's a list of the top nursing schools that offer great nursing programs in the U.S.

Short List of the Top Nursing Schools of 2013

The above list is just a few of the top nursing schools available. As you can see there are quite a lot of options you can choose from to begin your nursing career. To find the best school for nursing that fits your needs do some research until you are completely satisfied and found the school that rights for you. There are so many good nursing schools so finding the top nursing schools right for you should not be much work.