Quick 10 Minute Workout to Burn Fat

10 Minute Workout IdeasAre you interested in finding a quick 10 minute workout plan to help you burn fat fast? Life can get pretty crazy sometimes. Between carpool duties, meal planning, and household chores, it’s no surprise that getting the gym isn’t high on the priority list.

Many people are full of excuses for why they can’t keep fit and stay in shape because of a lack of time. The problem with this is that are things in life that you just shouldn’t skip. Eating healthy and working out are two such things.

Well with a 10 minute workout you really don’t have any excuses not to workout. Another reason people don’t want to workout is because they find working out to be a real drag. Well I ran across some workout ideas that you can do in as little as 10 minutes and don’t take much effort at all but still deliver fat burning benefits. 

10-Minute Workout Ideas

  1. Do some cardio shopping. Each time you head to the grocery store or mall, spend 10 minutes power walking around the perimeter of the store before grabbing a cart. You can scope out items that are on sale, or decide which tempting treats to stay away from before starting to shop.
  1. Dance like no one is watching. Turn up your favorite playlist and dance your heart out for three full songs. Since most popular songs are about 3 1/2 minutes long, you won’t need a timer. (This is definitely one of my favorite—and most fun—ways to ramp up my energy and burn a few extra calories!)
  1. Challenge the kids to a skipping contest. Skipping is great cardio exercise and an excellent lower body toner! See who can skip (forward and backwards) for a full 10 minutes around the yard.
  1. Stretch it out. Take a 10-minute timeout and find a quiet place to stretch. Start at the top of your body and work your way all the way down with some of your favorite, feel-good stretches while focusing on taking deep, relaxing breaths the entire time. (Try spending a minute with each one of these 10 stretches).
  1. Take a walking break during your workday. Walk or jog (or both) as far as you can for five minutes, and then turn around and head back. Weather not cooperating? Lap your home or office indoors if necessary. The view isn’t what is important; instead, focus on standing tall, pumping your arms and getting your blood flowing.

See how you can be a little creative and come up with some cool and effective ways to get a quick little 10 minute training program. To learn 5 more ways that you can stay in shape in as little as a few minutes a day then read the rest of the 10 minute workout ideas article. Read more

Working out can be such a complicated subject that there are many different ways to consider going about doing it. If there are other areas you are not sure with, feel free to have a look at some of the other guides on our web site. You should have learned from this article that doing just a 10 minute workout can be enough to keep you healthy and feeling good.