Playstation 4 – Sony’s New Console to Release Soon

The Playstation 4 , also speculated to be known as the “Orbis”, is set to be unveiled on February 20 which will include a host of new technology that will make today’s gamers drool.  One of the new technologies that will be included is the ability to stream video games, yes; you read it right streaming video game play.

The streaming video game technology is brought to you thanks to Sony’s purchase of Gakai last year and will allow Playstation 4 users to play video games over the internet.

The initial introduction of the PS 4 will impact companies beyond Sony, of course. Nintendo shares could be affected if the system seems to dwarf the performance of the Wii U.  Microsoft investors will also be watching closely as that company prepares to introduce its next generation Xbox 720 console.

Retail shops like GameStop, EB Games, and others that sale used titles, can also be impacted by the release of the PS 4 because rumors have spread that Sony, as well as Microsoft have included technology that could block players from running used games on their new systems.

Playstation 4 - Sony Release new PS4 ConsoleNew consoles are usually welcomed with excitement by gaming fans, but this time things are a little different in popularity.

Since the PlayStation 2 dominated the world of gaming in the early 2000s, the industry has been transformed by the arrival of smartphones and tablets.

These devices offer cheap, convenient casual gaming experiences to a new audience of players who do not necessarily want to pay upward of $60 for a single game.

Sony and Microsoft may have a few new weapons to bring to the table. Both the Playstation 4 and the Xbox 720 are creating cross-platform eco-systems. The PS 4 is likely to integrate with Xperia mobile phones and the Vita handheld console, while the Xbox 720 will most likely be able to be compatible with Windows 8 PCs and your average Windows mobile devices.

A few of the specs that have leaked out are stating that both the Playstation 4 as well as the Xbox 720 will boast an eight-core CPU clocked at 1.6GHz produced by AMD with a Radeon graphics processor. The graphics processor is a lot more impressive than the Jaguar CPU but still no match for the latest gaming PCs.

The graphics quality should be enough to make a big step up from the current graphics in PS3 games and so while it may not be as spectacular as we’d like, we think most people won’t be disappointed.

The memory set-up features 4GB of GDDR5 – the ultra-fast RAM that typically ships with the latest PC graphics cards – with 512MB reserved for the operating system.

Amazing screen clarity and performance have been gaining support for the incoming ultra-high definition 4K sets. Sony showed off 4K televisions and camcorders early this year at the Consumer Electronics Show, and would surely want the PS 4 to act as an early promoter for the technology like the PS3 did with Blu-ray and DVD technology.

The PS 4 titles are another crucial factor with the new console. The system still commands a nice roster of exclusive games and if you’re a gamer will be expecting at least a new release of the hit racing game, Gran Turismo.PS4 New Dual Shock Controller

The updated Dual Shock 4 prototype itself is a significant leap beyond its predecessor, featuring improvements like front-facing touch screen, integrated speaker, headphone jack, and an illuminating light that suggests some sort of PlayStation Move integration.

The controller also includes a new “Share” button, which implies some sort of interactivity with social networking.

Additionally reports claim Sony is looking to expand on the single user login system used by most consoles and implement a concept of “multi-user simultaneous logins,” done by linking controllers with local user accounts stored on the console.

So on February 20 we can most likely expect to find out what the console looks like, what the actual name of the console will be, more detailed specs , how much it will cost, and other details.

The PS 4 is highly likely to be released Christmas of 2013 for Japan and North American markets and at a later date for the European market, possibly Jan/Feb of 2014.

This is pretty much what happened with previous consoles and is backed by various leaks and rumors. An estimated price point is hovering around $400.