Features of the HTC Wildfire Cellphone

In case you were wondering, the HTC Wildfire Cellphone is actually a smart phone. This phone was first seen in Europe in 2010 and was created by the HTC Corporation.

There are a number of improvements to this phone compared to the last design (The HTC Desire or Tattoo), most notably the 5-megapixel camera and a capacitive touch screen that is LCD (Liquid Crystal Display).

The processor is also stronger, clocking in at 528 megahertz. The HTC Wildfire is ran by the Android Operating System.

Before you get excited about this phone (which you should be), there is a newer version out called the HTC Wildfire S, and this is different than the HTC Wildfire cellphone in that it has a much greater screen resolution and it also has Google Gingerbread, which is an upgraded Google Android operating system (Version 2.3). It also has HTC Sense.

HTC Wildfire CellphoneWith the HTC Wildfire packaging, you will find the phone itself, a battery which has been pre installed for you, a microSD card which also has been pre installed, a USB cable, a power adapter a quick start guide and a safety and regulatory guide. The phone comes with an optical trackball as well.

One of the great advantages of the HTC Wildfire Cellphone is the social capabilities. You can use Friend Stream, which connects your cell phone to your social networks. You can get updates from Facebook, Twitter and Flickr accounts right from your phone.

You can share photos, videos and other media. You can also post status updates. As if that is not compact enough for you, there is a Friend Stream Widget available to you.

This is a smaller version of Friend Stream. You can also tweet and send direct messages straight from your cell phone. Additionally, you can activate Google Talk, which is Google’s famous instant messaging program.

In addition to these capabilities, you are able to use email (Google Mail) and calendar functions. You can even display and synchronize calendars. You can also check the weather and do other online tasks through a wi-fi connection..It also lets you connect to a virtual private network (VPN). It comes with a bluetooth, photo gallery and a really powerful camera.

The HTC Wildfire comes with great apps as well. There is an app that lets you view PDF files (Portable Digital Format), and also watch YouTube videos. There is also an app that lets you view documents, presentations and spreadsheets.