How Much Does a RN NurseMake a Year?

How Much Does a RN Nurse Make a Year?

There is no consistent system for the payment of RNs in the US.  However, for ADNs, diploma and BSN graduates, at almost all institutions, they are paid the same base salary for the initial position.  Many insitutions will pay a differential for RNs with a BSN.  The differential from salary surveys normally amounts to $2500 to $3500 per year.How Much Money Does a RN Make

The advantages to the BSN are in the positions available.  There are many positions which are BSN preferred, and some which are BSN required. 

In many areas of the country any advancement in the career field above the level of staff nurse often is BSN preferred and often required.

The positions which are BSN preferred or required are usually higher salaried positions than the open positions.

So while, as many have observed, in some areas and facilities it makes no difference in the salary of a staff nurse;  an RN with a BSN will make a higher total income, statistically, over the course of a career.

  It is up to each person to decide if they want to get an ADN diploma or BSN, but many ADN and diploma RNs eventually return to school to complete the BSN to advance their careers, or to move into a master’s level educational program so they can proceed to advanced practice nursing, most of whom make significantly more than staff RNs in the same geographic region.