How Much Does a RN Make a Year?

How Much Does a RN Make a Year?

If you are searching for the yearly salary of a registered nurse then keep reading to learn more. Determining how much a RN makes in a year is based on several different metrics.

The wages of a RN can vary from country to country or state to state or hospital to hospital. The amount of experience also plays a vital role on how much you can get paid as a registered nurse.

The salary for a registered nurse can very from state to state. On the low end of the scale the average hourly wage is around $25.39 or $52,800 yearly. On the upper end of the scale the average wage for a RN is $56.20 or $54,490 yearly.

Among registered nurses, the salary difference between those with a BSN and those who have an associate degree is not terribly significant. Nurses with a bachelor’s degree who were paid on an hourly basis averaged $33 per hour, just $1 more per hour than those who held an associate degree.

When it comes to education, the real difference in nurse salaries comes from getting a master’s degree, when average salaries jump to $72,601 per year.