How Much Does a RN Make an Hour?

How Much Does a RN Make an Hour?

The average hourly rate for a RN can very depending on a number of factors so giving you an exact answer for how much a RN make an hour is accurate.

Keep reading to find the answer to your question. To begin, the country that you live in will be a big factor on hourly wage.

For this example we will use the United States of America. Now based on this information the salary will vary considerably from state to state as well.

If you live in a state that has a higher demand for registered nurses then you would probably make more than an area where nurses are not very high in demand. To get a higher wage you need to go where they need RN’s.

Your level of experience is a big factor for determining how much you will make. If you are just starting off don’t expect to make the same as someone with 20 years experience.

The type of workplace also matters. You can make more or less if you worked at a clinic or doctors office compared to if you worked in a hospital.

So these are just a few factors that can determine how much a registered nurse make an hour. With that said on average you can expect to make any where from $22 – $50 an hour.

The BLS reports the median salary for a registered nurse was $65,470 in 2012.

The top paid 10 percent of RNs made more than $94,720, while the bottom 10 percent earned less than $45,040. The highest median salaries were earned by nurses working in government, hospitals and home health care.