How Much Does a Chef Make?

How Much Does a Chef Make?

If you have been thinking about becoming a chef and you have been wondering how much does a chef make then continue reading to learn the average salary in a year for cooks.

As a Chef, you’re responsible for cooking food and overseeing kitchen workers.

With your experience, honed techniques, and creativity, you’re the most skilled Cook in the kitchen.

It is important to come up with unique recipes that will keep customers come back again and again.

As a chef part of your duties can include ordering supplies, negotiating the best price from suppliers, and sticking to a budget.

A certified chef is a professionally trained culinary artist, who plans and creates dishes and meals for restaurants, cafes or hotels. Certified chefs have shown a certain level of expertise in the culinary industry, as they have passed an examination given by the certification institution, such as the American Culinary Federation.

The annual salary for a certified chef can vary depending on the style (sous, pastry, etc…), region and expertise such as a head or executive chef. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for a chef is anywhere from $35,113 – $86,337 a year. You can expect to make more in larger cities with a higher population of people.