How Much Money Does a RN Make?

How Much Does a RN Make?

The salary for a registered nurse can very from state to state. On the low end of the scale the average hourly wage is around $25.39 or $52,800 yearly. On the upper end of the scale the average wage for a RN How Much Money Does a RN Makeis $56.20 or $54,490 yearly.

The number of available nursing jobs is also an important factor to consider when pursuing a career in the medical field. 

Highly populated states like California and Florida for instance have a large number of jobs.

On the other hand states like Delaware and Hawaii have roughly ten thousand RN jobs available.

When trying to calculate how much money you will make as a RN you need to figure out annual salary and not so much hourly wage. 

The reason for this is because in some states and medical facilities you may get paid a lower hourly wage but work a lot of hours.

Take for instance the low end of the scale getting paid $25.39 and hourly and making average of $52,800. The high end show $56.20 hourly or $54,490 yearly.

The difference is only $1690 for the annual salary, but the hourly wage is more than double. You will have to search around and possibly relocate to other regions in order to find the best opportunity for you. To see a chart of of how much a rn makes in all 50 states view it here.