High PR Backlinks vs. Low PR Backlinks – Which Should You Choose

Backlinks and Search Engine OptimizationThe ranking of a backlink to your site relies on the website’s PR (Web Page Rank) worth.

If a website with a PR value of 5 or above associated with your site, then you are succeeding. Keeping this in thoughts, it is definite that you would wish to have a high PR.
Backlink to your site from a costs website. The effectiveness of this. Backlink certainly depends upon the PR the website carries.

You could not acquire a sturdy link unless you understand just what sets up a strong backlink. A solid Backlink is accessible from PR 6 or 7 or more.

Thence, if only your site has a link from a site, that has a PR 6 or 7, then consider on your own having a solid Backlink.

How to find high PR pages to get a strong Backlink?

There are numerous sites that have a PR of over 6. In order to learn the. PR of a particular website, SEO tool come convenient. They are simple to accessibility. as well as supply ensured results. For example, if you want to browse
specific keywords or probably key-phrases then do so on a search engine as well as you will certainly discover which pages are ranking high at the moment. Moreover, you could compare the arise from different search.

When you look for websites to get backlinks from or if you intend to find out which sites are backlinking to you, then you can search for PR ranking. Websites that will permit you know exactly how various websites are performing.

It is certainly possible to submit your site to sites like myspace.com, metacafe.com, propeller.com and others, but groundwork has to be done before you top their lists or perhaps appear in their first pages. The groundwork that is referred above is the fact that you must ensure that your website is done correctly. Your tags should be organized and appropriately chosen in order to het the Backlink for these high PR sites.

The advantage of having a strong Backlink from a high PR site is that it will increase your PR in the search engines. Hence, to conclude, if you wish to rank high on search engines, your best bet is to:
1. Create your website correctly
2. Organize and appropriately choose your tags
3. Get links for a high PR site!
Will Low PR Backlinks hurt your online presence?

The answer is probably not. Low PR Backlinks will certainly not hurt your online presence but it will not do you any good either. You may have several low PR Backlinks yet it will not raise your PR as fast as a high
PR Backlink would do.

However, you must keep in mind that having too many high PR Backlinks can make search engines suspicious. Make sure you are not being linked to by spam websites. Your best bet is to keep your site as natural looking as possible, hence have a mix of both high and low PR Backlinks to avoid being considered spam.