Creative Ways to be Frugal and Save Money

Being frugal is a good way to save money and stretch your dollar; however it doesn’t need to stop there. Living frugal is a way of believing that represents a particular mental attitude and respect towards money.

Break down where you are able to cut costs. Put monthly spending allowances on paper so you are able to hold yourself to your budget.

If you must, you can have an envelope of hard cash for different things like groceries, gifts, amusement, etc. When the cash from the envelope is gone, then you can’t spend any more money that month on that unless you take money from a different envelope.

It may take a couple of months to discover a comfortable, but slightly strict budget, and get used to it.

You can’t be frugal without coupons. Always utilize coupons when you are able to. Check into the local thrift store or local consignment shops for better qFrugal Spending to Save Moneyuality items.

You can even take all your old and unused items to the consignment shops to make money also!

If you’re in need of a particular item, like a book shelf, telephone your local consignment shop and let them know what you’re seeking.

A few of these shops are happy to let you know if they have what you’re looking for so you don’t waste gas and time going to the store yourself, and will even keep your request on file so when that one item does come in, they’ll call you and let you know.

Be energy efficient. Not only does being energy efficient help you in being frugal, but it helps the environment also! Discover how to cook.

Being able to bake and cook from scratch may save you a ton of money in the kitchen and is really healthier for you anyway. A can of soup goes from $1- $3 and serves possibly 1-2 individuals.

You are able to make your own soup to feed 8 individuals for the same amount! If you don’t have that many individuals to feed, you are able to just make half of the recipe or freeze the leftovers.