3 Creative Ways to Use Exercise Equipment

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1. USE BANDS ON YOUR BENCHIf the bench you’re using is slick and you find your torso sliding back on it during bench presses, lay some elastic resistance bands on it lengthwise. The rubber will give you traction so you don’t slip. 


If you have a weighted dragging sled, or are considering making your own, you can save money on a rope or straps by using a suspension trainer. Simply tie it to the sled and adjust the handles to a comfortable length with which to press, row, or drag the sled.


You can use the lat-pulldown station to simulate a glute-ham raise—the only exercise that works all the hamstrings’ functions simultaneously. Kneel on the seat facing away from the machine. Hold on to a bar or have a friend stand by to help you balance. Extend your knees to lower your body and then use your hamstrings to pull you back up. Read full story

These 3 ways are creative ways that you can mix up your current exercise routine using a variety of equipment. You can also take your workout on the road with you by investing in portable exercise equipment such as resistance bands, portable treadmills and portable stair stepper machines. You don’t have to limit yourself to the basic of exercise equipment if you are creative with your workout routines.

Whether you’re building the home gym of your dreams, or just picking up a treadmill for your basement it is important to find the best machines for your needs. When investing in your health and well-being, exercise equipment for your home can be convenient and extremely rewarding.

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